Director's Message

We have been a part of the forging industry for over four decades, with the objective to supply automotive forgings at universally acceptable standards of quality and have always strived to achieve this through innovation and discipline.

We cater to the closed die forging requirements of the automotive and non-automotive sector. Trinity Engineers Pvt. among the leaders in the management of a diverse portfolio of forged and machined components and we pride ourselves on being able to impeccably produce such a diverse range.

Sustain ability in every sense of the word, is now the call of the hour. With relatively higher technology equipment becoming financially viable machinery for the forging industry, our pricing has become increasingly competitive and our aim is to ensure that the customer benefits with quality as well as affordability.

Trinity Engineers Pvt Ltd has stood the test of time and has successfully combated every economic high and low. In the process we have formed integral professional as well as personal bonds with our fellow workers, suppliers and our valued customers, which include automotive giants like TATA, Ashok Leyland, Force Motors and many more.

Asheet Pasricha 
Jt. Managing Director.